Skills Development Mountain Bike Coaching

Skills Development Mountain Bike Coaching

Are you looking to become a smoother, faster rider?

Organise a skills development session with our mountain bike coaches, We will discuss your current abilities with your mountain bike riding and the goals you would like to achieve, we personalise your session to build on your confidence and skills set on the bike while focusing on safe progression.
Having access to some of the best flow trails in the state we can customise your session to best suit your needs.
Progression and skill development will be maximised on your own bike.
Being an efficient rider, there is less wear and tear on your bike and body.

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Make sure you bring:

•Enclosed footwear
•Gloves if you usually wear them
•A sense of humour

Still have questions?

Head to our FAQs page or contact us for a chat. We have a full breakdown of our gear in our FAQs so you can check out our bikes and equipment.


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